Procurement Services

Murad Consulting offers a wide range of procurement services to match your requirements and needs. Our professional services cover any immediate, short-term, and tactical activities, or long term and strategic plans.

Whether you are looking to source locally or expand your supply network globally, we use the best industry practices, such as Total Cost of Ownership analysis, to achieve quantifiable and measurable results for you and your organization.

Our procurement consulting services can be performed directly on your behalf or offered as an advisory role, in which we guide you and your team thru every step of the process.

Our services include the following tasks:

  1. Sourcing
    1. Local sourcing
    2. Global sourcing
    3. Prepare, issue, and manage any type of RF(x): Request for Information, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, etc.
  2. Evaluation and Recommendation
    1. Bid tabulation
    2. Technical evaluation of bids 
    3. Commercial evaluation of bids
    4. Make purchase recommendations
  3. Purchasing
    1. Negotiation of Price, Terms and Conditions, Delivery terms, etc.
    2. Formatting, negotiating, and drafting Purchase Orders 
    3. Review Bond letters
  4. Expediting and Post-Order Management
    1. Progress monitoring
    2. Review Invoicing
    3. Expedite delivery
    4. Advise on documentation
  5. Post Delivery
    1. Manage warranty claims
    2. Advise on bonding release
  6. Services
    1. Source, review, expedite and manage Maintenance and Service Agreements
    2. Review, negotiate, setup, and draft Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

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