Contracting and Contract Management Services

Murad Consulting offers expert advice on contracting, subcontracting, and contract management. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of a contract.

If you are an owner or a client, we can guide you through the early stages of development, by conducting an in-depth analysis of the cost-risk profile to help you select the most appropriate contracting strategy for an entire project, or for a specific scope within a project. 

An optimal contracting strategy should clearly define the following considerations:

  1. Project delivery model (Design-Build, EPC, EPCM, etc.)
  2. Scopes of work
  3. Roles and responsibilities 
  4. Project risks and constraints

Once a contracting strategy is determined, we can help you draft new contracts or select from existing contract templates (either developed inhouse, or purchased from commonly known and used industry standards, such as CCDC, CCA, ACEC, or any other contract formats developed by a professional organization).

We can negotiate contracts, directly or indirectly, on behalf of any party engaged in any contract and at any level (Owner, Client, Contractor, Subcontractor, Engineer, Architect, Consultant, Construction Manager, etc.).

Our contract management services include:

  1. Contract Development
    • Develop a Contracting Strategy
    • Recommend and select an appropriate project delivery model
    • Contract drafting
  2. Contract Negotiation
    • Contract review
    • Direct contract negotiation (via meetings, conference calls, etc.)
    • Indirect contract negotiation (via emails, comments, etc.)
    • Contract redlining 
  3. Contract management and administration
    • Compliance management
    • Change management
    • Claim management
    • Manage and advise on contract suspension and termination
  4. Disputes
    • Conduct commercial forensics on contracts and supporting documentation
    • Dispute resolution
    • Mediation
    • Settlement

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